Concept & Idea

"LightCloud" is a light installation which simulates the daylight reflection effect of real clouds and at the same time imitates their form in an abstract way. Different arrangement options for globs of 3 different diameters were studied extensively. One of the categories used the assembly in molecule structures. In this option the different atoms are translated into the different diameters of globes. The globes are then being arranged according to the chemical diagram of each molecule. Results are i.e. the more complex and large scale light element "Caffeine" for meeting rooms or canteens of office building complexes. Or the simpler "H2O" element for your living room. The light elements will be purchasable through our distribution partner shortly.


Year: 2014/-

Credits & Collaboration

Design rundzwei: Andreas Reeg, Jakub Spaniel

Manufacturing: Artis GmbH


Berlin Design Digest 2017 "LightCloud"


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