079_Ice-Skating hall Sportforum Berlin


The new building to extend the ice skate hall will be located on the south side of the existing hall, directly next to the existing technical building. The new building consists of two compact upper floors and a larger lower floor. The reduced rectangular building structure is arranged based on the existing entrances so that it “nestles” into the hall and forms an inviting, spacious forecourt on Konrad-Wolf-Strasse. The new building and the existing visitor's access to the hall are connected by a filigree colonnade. The design language is based on track lines in the ice of skaters. The colonnade allows visitors a covered connection from the access building to each one of the entrances, as well as a new architectural facade for the overall complex. The interaction of the extension, forecourt and colonnade moves the entire ensemble from Konrad-Wolf-Straße into the urban focus.


The access to the extension is via the new, spacious forecourt. The forecourt spans from Konrad-Wolf-Straße to the extension. The colonnade also invites visitors outside of the sports business in the hall to stroll along the landscaping and the forecourt. The new building and the existing technical building will be clad with a ventilated facade made of perforated aluminum corrugated sheets based on the corrugated iron facades of the existing buildings. Thanks to the raw aluminum facade, the new building adapts to the surroundings like a chameleon. The windows required for illuminating the interior are hidden behind the perforated aluminum facade, and the structure is connected to the technical building to form an elegant structure. The fineness of the perforation removes the materiality of the facade from the everyday use of folded sheet metal facades. The verticality of the aluminum cladding creates a strong bond with the column grid of the colonnade and counteracts the horizontal expansion of the hall. This is optically stretched. From the inside of the new building there are always exciting views and visual relationships to the outside through large window strips. The interiors are warm, bright and friendly with the combination of glass and wood surfaces.


Status: Competition

Client: Public

Year: 2020

Size: 1.460m² BGF


rundzwei Architekten
Marc Dufour-Feronce, Raimon Espasa, Andreas Reeg, Pavlo Zabotin

fabulism landscape architecture
Giulia Pozzi, Mirko Andolina

structural engineer Knippers Helbig
Jan Mittelstädt

fire protection Eberl Pacan Architekten und Ingenieure
Reinhard Eberl-Pacan


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10623 Berlin

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