063_Pergola House


The proposal is based on the study of two separate elements. The first is the internal space, which creates complex and exciting situations through different levels. The second is the envelope of the house, which gives unity to the project by using wood as all surrounding material.


The interior of the house is divided by a completely open space in "L" shape, the apex of which escapes to the outside space, creating a close connection with the garden through a sliding window that opens across the corner. At the same time, the first floor extends vertically through an air space to the attic. Here we find a new, fully open gallery next to an expansive terrace overlooking the lush vegetation to the west.


The second study is the building envelope, in which wood is the undisputed protagonist. Through the use of interstitial spaces, this envelope manages to blur the shape of the building in a sustainable way. This composition has the intention to serve as a filter for access, views and as a sunscreen.


Status: built

Client: private

Year: 05/2018  - 11/2020

Size: approx. 350 m² net / 400m² gross


Team rundzwei:

Michelle Bähr, Constantin Blömer, Luca Di Carlo, Marc Dufour-Feronce, Raimon Espasa Bou, Lou Pelosoff, Andreas Reeg



ZRS Ingenieure



ELB Energieberater Land Brandenburg



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