042_Cork Screw House

Concept & Idea

The family home in a different way. Exciting spacial arrangements are created by splitting split levels in this single-family house. A central atrium like staircase accesses all levels and guides daylight deep into the building volume. This way, every room gets a direct connection to the outside. Vistas between spaces are created and make the living on several levels lively.

A half sunken living and dining space is framed by rammed earth walls. Large glazed wall above allow for daylight and vistas. An outdoor pool is directly connected to the sunken bedroom, in addition with an open bathroom and walk-in closet the perfect relaxation oasis of a special kind. Swimming outdoors without being seen by the neighbours.

The upper levels are partly connected to form  a small studio apartment. The living area on the ground floor and basement is spacialy connected through the open staircase with the fireplace, library and working areas on upper levels and allows for interesting visual interaction. The complete structure will be erected in timber and clad with a cork façade. The façade cladding is insulation and visual surface at once, which enables outstanding insulation values. With an inovative heat layer system and roof integrated solar panels the energy supply will be almost autonomous.


Below the terrain level, the building stands on rammed concrete. From the edge of the site the complete construction is made of wood. Wood fiber and cellulose insulation complement the sustainable wall and facade structure. Room climate control is ensured by moisture-absorbing materials such as wood or gypsum fiber surfaces with diffusion-free coatings. This avoids a complex ventilation system and generates a pleasant room climate naturally.


Cork as facade material

The complete building is built in wood construction and covered with a cork facade. This is thermal insulation and visible surface at the same time, which results in excellent insulation values. The cork oak tree is pealed every 7 years without damaging the tree it self. The cork granulate used for the cork facade panels is a waste product of the bottle cork production. The facade panels are manufactured by adding heat and pressure, thus releasing the cork resin which clues the granulate together. No additives no adhesives, all natural and by it self weather and mold resistant.


Energy Supply

An almost self-sufficient heat energy supply through solar heating is supported by a German innovation price awarded heat distribution system that integrates release heat of a fire place, thermal mass active Floors, a gas reuse heating aggregate and roof-integrated photovoltaics.

Project Information

Status: Built

Client: Private

Year: 2016/ 2018

Size: 320m² GFA

Credits & Collaboration

Luca Di Carlo, Ana Domenti, Marc Dufour-Feronce, Andreas Reeg



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DAM Preis 2020: nomination

GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2020: excellent architecture - Gold

SURFACE DESIGN AWARDS 2020: finalist in categories interior and exterior surface - announcement of winners on the 13th of February 2020 London



materialPREIS 2019, Material usage - 3rd prize

ICONIC AWARDS 2019: Innovative architecture - winner


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